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email us at support@lucidits.com

Call us on +91 80 42411000 between 9.30 am and 5.30 pm Call us on +91 9844444419 for support after office hours and on holidays

Support Escalation

Let us accept it, there may be instances where you as a LUCID Client feel the need to speak to a Senior Person to discuss your support request. Please find below the names and numbers of our Support and Product Managers

Balakanta Srinivas

Fondly called as Balu, he is in-charge of Post implementation Support. Balu can be reached on 8495933555

Anjali Rao

Anjali heads the implementation team and also oversees support, she can be reached on her mobile no. 9880222653


Fondly called as Subbu. Subbu is Senior Manager Product support and can be reached on 9844440795

Need Guidance and Support on Hardware & networking?

We have a very capable in-house IT Infrastructure support Team to guide and support our Clients when it comes to anything to do with Computer Hardware, LAN / WAN, Wi-fi, Internet, firewall, data backup and much more


Fondly called as Raja, he is the IT Infrastructure Support Manager and is always glad to help our clients with anything to do with Hardware and Networking.  Raja can be reached on 9844710818

Talk to the Founders & Directors

Our Directors can be reached anytime over a call or on whatsapp.


Manikanth is the co-founder of LUCID and can be reached on 9844071113. It colud be to give feedback or to upgrade to the next edition or to just say Hello 🙂


Pradeep is the co-founder of LUCID and he would be glad to take your feedback about our Products or Services and to discuss how technology can be used in a better way to grow your business. He can be reached on 9844170386

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Why choose LUCID POS Restaurant Software?

Easy to Learn & Use
Easy to Learn & Use
Secure & Reliable
State of the art Technology
Round the clock Tech support
One on One Training
One on One Training
Supports all Restaurant Formats
Two Decades in the Industry
Recommended by Industry Experts


We Shifted to LUCID POS from another Software to manage high volume of Orders and Billing at Peak hours and glad to say that our Operations are extremely smooth now. And if any support is required they are just a call or message away!


Owner, Brahma Brews


LUCID Restaurant POS Software Frequntly Asked Questions

Is LUCID POS Cloud based or an On-Premise Solution?

LUCID is probably the only Company to offer On-Premise, Cloud, Mobility and Hybrid Solutions from a single Source. Most of our Clients use our Hybrid Solution. Our Hybrid Solution is an amalgamation of both Cloud and On-Premise Technologies which ensures that the Restaurant operations are not impacted even if there is no internet connectivity for an extended period of time. We also offer a completely Cloud based POS and also a Robust On-Premise Solution for which a life time license can be purchased. Please reach out to us to discuss and decide the right Solution for your business.


LUCID POS Restaurant Software is available at various Price points and Payment plans to address the needs of various sizes and formats of the Restaurant or Cloud Kitchens. The pricing is based on the products required by the customer. Customer has the choice to pick and choose the Products and modules required and can pay only for what is selected than paying for the entire Suite.

Can we use LUCID POS on Mobile devices?

Yes, Absolutely. We have large Mircorbreweries, Pubs, Restaurants and Cloud Kitchens that run their order taking and even billing operations completely on Android based mobile devices. The customer has a choice to use additional Touch POS and Desktop Systems

How do you go about Implementation and Training?

We Plan the implementation based on availability of your staff and assign an Implementation Specialist to Train asll the users and make the system Live

Do you provide 24/7 Support?

Yes. We take Pride in being available for our Clients when ever they need our support.

How can we see a Demo of LUCID POS & ERP?

Please fill the Contact form and we shall get in touch with you to Schedule a Demo at your Convenience.

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