Purchase & Inventory Management Software

A complete Solution to streamline the Purchasing and Inventory management functions. Translates into huge savings and reduced F & B Costs

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Inventory Management Features

Easy to Use Features

Generate Purchase Orders, enter Goods Receipts, Indents, Issues and stock tranfers  with ease

Workflows and Approvals

Setup Single or Multiple Levels of Approvals for Purchase Orders and Indents 

Track Stock at every Level

Track Stock at Stores, Bars and Kitchens and other departments. Avoid theft & wastage.


Automate communication with vendors when Goods are received or when a PO is generated.

Avoid Wastage

Maintain Re-Order Levels and Stock items in a scientific manner, track Item Expiry dates of items and use them on time.

Advanced Reporting

The Exhaustive reports helps to control your Inventory and Purchases and reduce cost.

Manage all Types of Inventory

Besides managing Food & Raw material and Liquor inventory, easily track inventory of Crockery & Cutlery and other assets

Central Purchases

Manage Purchases for Single Outlet or for the enitre chain by using our Central Purchasing & Inventory solution

Central Kitchen & Production

Automatically Consolidate daily indents from branches into a production plan and manage production efficiently.


Easy to Learn & Use
Cost saving through efficient Purchasing
Improved Vendor relations
Cost saving by optimizing stock levels
easily stop wastage, theft and pilferage
Reduce cost on Manpower
Avoid out-of-stock situations
Easy to conduct stock audits
Use items before expiration date and save


The Central and Cloud based Inventory Management System from LUCID has helped us efficiently manage our Central strores and Kitchen and also the inventory of all our outlets.


Owner, Nagarjuna Restaurants


Restaurant Inventory Software – Frequntly Asked Questions

Does the system support Rate Contracts

Yes. Rate contracts is a feature of our Purchase module. In this case the item rates cannot be changed when it is purchased from a Supplier who has entered into a rate contract with the Restaurant or Hotel

How does the system make the purchasing process efficient?

In multiple ways…

1. Easily identify the items that have reached re-order levels and the quantities to be ordered. (Redorder Level, Redorder quantity, Min Stock Level and Max stock level can be entered for every individual inventory item)

2. Use PO templates to generate purchase orders on specific Vendors and save time.

3. Automate communication with Vendors. For example when items are received (GRN) an automated email is sent to the vendor to confirm the items and quantities received or accepted. This ensures that vendor invoicing matches with the Goods received.

4. Vendor analysis is another feature which helps in choosing the right vendor based on history of transactions and factors like price, quality, lead time etc



Can we create Receipts (GRN) without creation Purchase order?

Yes. Items can also be purchased based on PO, Rate Contracts and Cash payments 

Does the system automatically calculate Kitchen stock and bar stock based on sales?

Yes. It is calculated based on recipes created. Also measure the ideal stock and variances

Does the System support Physical stock taking and audits?

Yes. Physical stock taking can be done anytime. The physical stock vs book stock report should be generated and the variances approved before the physical stock is applied to the system

How can we see a Demo of LUCID POS & ERP?

Please fill the Contact form and we shall get in touch with you to Schedule a Demo at your Convenience.

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