QR Code Menu & Contactless Ordering

Give your Guests a Contactless dinining experience. Guests can simply scan the QR Code using their smart phone, access the menu and start ordering Food and Drinks


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 QR Code Menu and Contactless Ordering Features

No App download

There is no app to download, Customers can simply scan the QR Code kept on very table and instantly view the Restaurant Menu and start ordering

Easy to Use

Customers can view the entire Menu, filter by Category and by Veg or Non Veg, Select items & modifiers and start placing their orders

Captain Notification

Orders placed by Customers are instantly notified to the respective captains with beep and vibration on their mobile device

Captain Authorization

Captains can view the orders placed by the customer, edit the order if required by interacting with the customer and accept the order on our Captain APP

Kitchen Notification

Once the customer order is accepted by the captain, the orders are fired to the respective kitchen printers and / or will display on KDS

Order Status

Customers can view the status of their orders on their mobile and know if food is being prepared or ready for pickup by the service staff

Secure Guest Login

System can be configured if OTP based login is required or if customers have to collect a auto generated PIN from the Captain. 

Group Ordering

Configure the system to either allow or disallow ordering by multiple people of the same group. Else only One person per table can place orders while others can only view the menu but cannot place orders

Digital Payments

Customers can view the total bill value of their orders along with taxes and make online payments from their mobile phones through secure payment gateways

Digital Invoices

Send branded and beautifully designed digital invoices to your Guests. Customers receive an sms with link to their invoice. Avoid printing paper invoices for ever

Collect Feedback

Collect direct feedback from Customers effortlessly through the web app after they have finished dining with you. Make continous improvements and grow your business


Easily upsell popular and high menu items with profit margins to customers by tagging them as recommended items and by adding images and nice descriptions.

Benefits of QR Code Menu and Contactless Ordering

Improves Brand Image
Improves your Restaurant's brand image
Effortlessly collect Customer mobile numbers
Reduces Manpower requirement and cost
Save printing and paper cost
One on One Training
Increases revenue by easy upselling
Customers feel safe and hygienic
Promote Delivery to dine-in Customers
Minimizes wrong orders & Wastage


The QR Code menu application launched by LUCID is designed so well. We have implemented it across all our properties. We have seen that even 5 year old kids are able to use it. It is that easy

Ajay pai

Managing Director, Pai Group


LUCID QR Code Menu & Contactless Ordering

Does Contactless ordering app work on both Android and IOS phones

Yes. The QR Code Menu is developed using PWA (Progressive web app) technology and so it can be accessed from any mobile device. There is no need to download any app.

Can you help us with printing of QR Code Stickers?

Sure. We will be glad to do it for you

Can we design the digital menu theme to reflect our brand colours

Yes, Absolutely. The digital menu application is built on our CMS (Content management system) using which you can customize the look and feel of the web app to match with your brand

Can the QR Code Menu work idependently

Yes. Even if you are not using our POS you can still use our QR Code Menu application. We also have open APIs if integration with any 3rd party software is required

Do you provide 24/7 Support?

Yes. We take Pride in being available for our Clients when ever they need our support.

How can we see a Demo of QR Code menu and contactless Ordering?

Please fill the Contact form and we send you a link to our QR Code menu and contactless ordering web app. 

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