FOOD & Beverage Costing Software

Boost your Restaurant Profits by monitoring, controlling and reducing your Food and beverage costs. Track costs on daily basis, implement Menu Engneering and stay on top of the game.

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 Food & Beverage Costing Software Features

Issue based Costing

Measure Food Costs Vs Sales at an overall level. No need of creating recipes. Derived based on issues made to kitchen

Recipe based Costing

Setup Recipes, track Costs and Profits at Menu item Level, monitor Ideal vs acutual consumption and variances. Improve Profits through Scientific Menu Management and  Pricing

Slice, Dice and Analyse

Analyse Costs, revenue and Profits at Restaurant Level, Kitchen Level and at Menu Category Level. Take measures to further reduce costs and increase Profits

Implement Menu Engineering

Use our menu engineering report based on BCG Matrix to engineer your menu and optimize your profits

Central Kitchen Costing

Restaurant Chains with Base kitchens can measure Food Costs at Production Level. Reduce Costs by implementing Production Plans

Central Management

Create Menus and Recipes for all Outlets in the Chain from a Single screen. Compare Costs and Profits across outlets to take the right decisions.

Automated Alerts

Receive daily F & B Cost reports in your inbox, Stay informed when costs cross a threshold, take action and drive your business to greater Profits

Benefits of using F & B Costing Software

Keep Costs under Check
Avoid over indenting by Kitchen
Minimize Wastages
Stop Pilferage
Make Staff accountable
Practice Menu engineering & scientific Pricing
easily decide on Combos & Offers
Boost Profits

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We were able to significantly reduce our Food costs across the chain by implementing the F & B Costing module. Liquor costing and bar stock reports helped us to reduce our liquor costs by preventing pilferage and making people more accountable


Group GM, Gillys


LUCID Food & Beverage Costing Frequntly Asked Questions

Is it possible to generate Food Cost reports without creating Recipes?

Yes. Our Issue based costing sub module generates Food Cost reports based on issue of raw materials from stores to Kitchen/s.  Reports can be generated at Outlet level or at kitchen and category level. So in this case creation of receipes are not mandatory.

How to generate accurate Food Costs report on a daily basis?

We would definitely recommend to monitor the food costs report on a daily basis.

To generate accurate food cost report every day just ensure that all the entries like Issue of raw materials to kitchen and kitchen stock are entered into the system on a daily basis.

What are the advantages of creating recipes?

Receipes are a must to measure the costs and profits at a granular menu item level. Our Menu engineering report can be generated only if receipes are created.

Is it difficult to implement recipe based costing?

Not Really. Once all recipes are created in the system just ensure that recipes are created as and when a new menu item is introduced.

Having said that, we have seen that many smaller establishments do not implement a recipe based costing system when compared to larger establishments. It is important that one of your staff is assigned the role of a F & B Cost controller and also that the management insists on seeing a Recipe based food costing report at regular intervals.

However, the starting point is to implement an issue based costing system which hardly takes any effort.

Does your system generate Liquor cost reports?

Yes. Liquor costing system is a part of our F & B costing software. Our systems generates Liquor cost report and Bar stock reports to keep the liquor costs under check.

It is important to create recipes of cocktails and define portions of Liquor menu items to derive the liquor cost reports.

What about costing of microbrewery beer?

Microbreweries can measure the costing of brewed beer by creating a seperate category and linking it to the brewery beer menu items.

Breweries can also use our production module to track and measure the production cost.

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