Receive automated SMS on Sales & Exceptions. Notify Customers on points earned and to Thank them

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LUCID Messenger Features

Stay Informed

Receive automated SMS alerts on sales and collections on daily basis along with metrics like average per cover and average per bill. (Day end and Session wise). 

Alerts on Exceptions

Alerts managers on KOT edits and deletion  Bill Voids and discounts in real time. Prevent fraud and revenue loss

CRM Features

 Automatically send Birthday and Anniversary wishes to Customers along with offers to dine with you. Inform Customer about the loyalty points earned and thank them for their visit.


We Shifted to LUCID POS from another Software to manage high volume of Orders and Billing at Peak hours and glad to say that our Operations are extremely smooth now. And if any support is required they are just a call or message away!


Owner, Brahma Brews


LUCID Restaurant POS Software Frequntly Asked Questions

Is LUCID POS Cloud based or an On-Premise Solution?

LUCID is probably the only Company to offer On-Premise, Cloud, Mobility and Hybrid Solutions from a single Source. Most of our Clients use our Hybrid Solution. Our Hybrid Solution is an amalgamation of both Cloud and On-Premise Technologies which ensures that the Restaurant operations are not impacted even if there is no internet connectivity for an extended period of time. We also offer a completely Cloud based POS and also a Robust On-Premise Solution for which a life time license can be purchased. Please reach out to us to discuss and decide the right Solution for your business.

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