Kitchen Display System

Eliminate paper KOTs and BOTs. Improve Kitchen productivity & efficiency, improve Customer satisfaction and boost profits.

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Kitchen Display Features

Notifications & Display

New orders are notified with a loud beep. KOTs are displayed in FIFO sequence and items appear in the order in which it has to be served. 

Touch & Operate

Easy touch screen operation. Easy to Bump orders with one touch with option to bump item wise. Easy to recall KOTs and resolve complaints and issues if any

Improve Kitchen efficiency

Zero missing orders, Complete visibility of pending orders and consolidated view.  identify delays by change in KOT header colour. Stop Selling Menu items when they run out of stock


KDS is integrated with POS,  mobile POS, online ordering platform and waiter terminal

Multi-Kitchen Solution

Use multiple KDS systems based on the number of kitchens. Easily toggle between kitchens if required

Advanced Reporting

Generate reports to measure Kitchen productivity and identify areas of improvement


Improves Kitchen Productivity
Improves Customer Service
Eliminates wastage due to wrong orders
Reduces stress on barkers and chefs
Improves Guest satisfaction
Faster Table turnover rate
Easily identify areas for improvements
Increase in Profits


We Shifted to LUCID POS from another Software to manage high volume of Orders and Billing at Peak hours and glad to say that our Operations are extremely smooth now. And if any support is required they are just a call or message away!


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 Frequntly Asked Questions – Kitchen Display System

is KDS useful for Table Service Restaurants and Restobars

Yes very much. Though it is the QSR industry that have been predominantly using KDS, many Table service restaurants have undertsood the benefits of using a Kitchen Display system and are taking advantage to improve Customer service

How can KDS help in improving Customer service?

KDS is very beneficial to improve Guest satisfaction. The reasons are.

1. Orders are automatically and accurately communicated to the kitchen in real time and there is no chance of missing or wrong orders. This leads to accurate and faster service and improves Guest satisfaction.

2. The KDS reports identify the journey of every single order starting with the time when the order was placed, time at which food was ready for pickup, time of pickup by service staff and time when the final bill was printed and the time when the bill was paid and closed. This report helps restaurants to identify if delays if any are caused by the Kitchen staff or the service staff and take corrective steps.

Can we also print KOTs and BOTs when using KDS?

Yes, Kitchen Display and KOT & BOT printing can be used simultaneaously as long as required. We Suggest that you completely switch to the KDS system once you are convinced that the system is working for you.

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